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Making digital packaging management accessible to all

Making digital packaging management accessible to all

By Chris Rogers, Solutions Marketing Manager, Esko. In this article Esko Solution Marketing Manager, Chris Rogers looks at digital packaging management solutions for folding carton and corrugated packaging converters and, more specifically, about how packaging management systems are now accessible to companies of all sizes and not just the preserve of the bigger organizations.   […]

WebCenter QuickStart for Corrugated

Shorten lead times: Digital transformation in packaging production

By Chris Rogers, Solutions Marketing Manager, Esko. This article discusses how the digital transformation of processes at converters improves design efficiency and shortens lead times. Updating packaging to incorporate new marketing, design, and regulatory information is a constant.   But, how long does it really take to update packaging ? Through our own market research, […]


Digital printing for packaging: 3 game changers for small businesses

Until very recently, small businesses didn’t have much support putting their ideas to ink, paper and cardboard. Small-quantity printing for packaging jobs were incredibly costly (specifically when accounting for factors such as die cutting) and customization came at an expense struggling startups could rarely afford. For many, to survive meant to settle—to either opt for […]

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Digital printing technology is here. Are you ready?

The past few years have witnessed some great changes in the packaging industry, with new developments in digital print leading the way. Still, while digital printing technology is driving innovation in packaging, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Jan De Roeck, Esko’s Director of Solutions Management, elaborates on digital print innovations and […]