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tiered display stand
July 18, 2017

Why 3-tiered display stands make consumers spend, spend, spend!

If you’ve been around the retail business for a while, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that lots of POP display stands have a little something in common. Their vivid colors, yes. And the fact that they tend to be made of corrugated board, too. But many of them also abide by what visual merchandisers refer to as the magic rule of three. Why magic, you ask? It has something to do with the way consumers, and people in general, are wired. And also with the fact that the three-tiered display format provides retailers with endless product display possibilities …

Visual merchandising: the magic rule of three

Whether they’re arranging new products in-store or creating a seasonal window display, visual merchandisers love to work in sets of three. The reasoning behind this is that people are attracted to symmetry. When we see something asymmetrical, we tend to keep looking at it because our brain wants to ‘complete’ the picture. By contrast, when we see products arranged in pairs, our gaze will quickly be directed elsewhere because our brain perceives symmetry as normal.

The showstopper of all POP displays

Another reason why visual merchandizers are so in love with three-tiered displays stands is that they make for real showstoppers. They are, for instance, an ideal format for themed POP displays that show off multiple related products at once and spare consumers the burden of having to look around the entire store. For example, a beach vacation themed display could feature sunglasses, sun block, beach balls, … all ready for customers to grab and go right before they leave on holiday.

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