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4 tips to saveguard your POP display during shipping
January 18, 2018

4 tips to safeguard your POP display during shipping

Simply keeping your fingers crossed won’t get your carefully designed POP display safely from point A to point B. If you want your displays to arrive on your client’s doorstep intact, you need to design them with the shipping process in mind. From selecting the best packaging materials to pallet packing, these tips will help you safeguard your POP display for the entire ride.

1.     Don’t scrimp on secondary packaging

As tempting as it may be, you don’t want to scrimp on secondary packaging. The materials you ultimately select provide the barrier for your POP display, so you want to be sure they can take a beating. Literally! The best choice you can make? Corrugated cardboard. Even though high humidity is known to weaken the structure of the material, studies show that less than 1 percent of products packaged in corrugated cardboard boxes sustain damage from environmental conditions during shipping.

2.     Partitions for POP display shipping

The type of secondary packaging material you select to separate and protect your POP displays inside the box is not to be underestimated either. Again, corrugated is your best friend. Partitions made from sturdy corrugated cardboard not only create better cushion resistance (to the extent that they even allow you to pick lighter boxes) but also make it easier to pack and unpack the displays.

3.     Palletize your POP display wisely

POP display palletization

The heavier your display, the thicker the box needs to be. That’s a given. But don’t forget that boxes may be stacked on top of one another, and that many logistics companies even stack entire pallets as well. Finally, you should be careful not to let the boxes overhang the pallets and take the ideal stacking pattern into account while you’re designing your display. Heavy boxes are best stacked likes bricks.

4.     Align design and palletization software

Adapting your POP display to the shipping process is no easy feat if your POP design software doesn’t have a palletization feature. That’s why Esko made sure ArtiosCAD forms a synergy with Cape Pack palletizing software. It allows you to determine the best case size and to maximize pallet loading with just a few clicks.


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