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POP display fails
November 13, 2018

5 common POP display fails every designer should avoid

No matter how talented and skilled a designer you may be, creating a successful POP display design is hardly ever a breeze. This article lines up some common POP display fails even the most experienced designers sometimes can’t help making.     

1.     Unimpressive graphics

While your POP display may look stunning on its own, in-store competition among brands is fierce. Make sure your graphics will stand out by adhering to the three golden rules and keeping brand identity in mind. If you want to play it extra safe, you can always check how your POP display will compare to the competition by rendering it in a virtual store environment.

2.     Not ‘weighing’ all the consequences

Next to looking amazing, your POP display must be able to carry the weight of the product. It is important to design displays around the capacities of the substrate so that structural fails are out of the question. ArtiosCAD will take care of this for you.

3.     Not including instructions

What may seem obvious to you as a designer may be puzzling to the people who will be assembling your POP display in the store. Creating an instruction manual – or even an instruction movie if you use ArtiosCAD – saves retailers a lot of time and trouble and ensures your POP displays will be presented to the public in all their intended glory.

POP display fails

4.     Forgetting about retailer guidelines

Evidently, your client has to give your design the green light before you can send it to the print vendor, but so do the retailers that will be displaying it. If your POP display fails to meet their guidelines, it’s back to the drawing board!

5.     Not asking the right questions

Getting your POP display design right for time is impossible without an extensive brief. If your client fails to clearly communicate their needs and expectations, asking them the right questions is vital.


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