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6 questions you need to ask before designing a POP display 
August 16, 2018

6 questions you need to ask before designing a POP display 

No matter how skilled or talented the designer, a successful POP display always starts with a comprehensive brief. Unfortunately, providing designers with all the information they need doesn’t always come natural to clients. This article sums up six vital questions you need to ask before you start designing any POP display.

1.    How far can the budget stretch?

Clients who don’t have a specific budget in mind and give you carte blanche may sound like music to your designer ears, but make no mistake. In the end there’s always a budget, so don’t hesitate to send clients back to the drawing board before letting your imagination run wild.

Tip: Always extract a bill of materials to keep clients in the loop.

2.    Which POP displays will you be competing against?

Keep your friends close and your competitors even closer. If possible, try and find out which POP displays will be standing near yours so you can make sure your design will stand out, e.g. by using a virtual store visualizer. Unless your client’s retail strategy is based on adjacency, that is.

3.    What are the product dimensions?

6 questions you need to ask before designing a POP display 

To prevent your display from being too small or collapsing under the weight of the product, don’t forget to ask your client all about product dimensions. As a final check, you can always request some samples to put your display’s sturdiness to the test.

Did you know ArtiosCAD automatically adapts your POP display design to the capacities of the substrate you’ve selected?

4.    What will the retailer say?

Most retailers have specific guidelines when it comes to displays. It is your client’s responsibility to find out what those guidelines are … and your responsibility to take them into account.

5.    How long will the POP display be used?

Selecting the best material for your POP display is nothing more than a gamble if you don’t know whether the display is meant to be temporary or permanent.

6.    What about shipping?

6 questions you need to ask before designing a POP display 

Far-off destinations may require rigid material that is break-proof and not prone to denting. However, don’t underestimate what corrugated cardboard and a handy palletization tool can achieve!


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