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POS display tips
June 15, 2017

Avoid the Point of NO Sale. Improve your POS displays!

A tried-and-tested tool to increase impulse sales, POS displays (or POP displays, whatever you like to call them) are essential for brands who want to create a successful in-store marketing mix. Which, of course, every brand does. But there are POS displays and then there are POS displays. While some displays are impossible for consumers to resist, others end up merely serving as, well, extra shelving. Do you want to make absolutely sure your next POS display will stop shoppers right in their tracks? Then let’s make this thing POP!

Tip #1: everybody loves a freebie

Yes, we hear you. Why use POP displays to hand out free samples if the main goal is to increase sales? Simple: everybody loves a freebie. Free products lift the spirits – a happy consumer is a buying consumer – and they get customers to spot and remember brands and promotions they likely wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Think of it as giving your future POP sales a boost.

Tip #2: let signage pave the way

The retail marketing mix is called a mix for a reason. Savvy brands make sure their in-store promotional tools blend in perfectly with each other, each tool emphasizing the next. Clever signage, like floor stickers in the form of spilled food, animal tracks or footprints, for instance, is a sure means to pull customers straight towards your POP display.

Tip #3: make a scene … of POS displays!

POS display tips

Why settle for one POS display if your budget and floor space allow you to create a whole POP scenery? Impact guaranteed. Milka clearly knows what we’re talking about here …

Talk about large-format innovation, right?

Tip #4: test before you invest

You can only truly know whether your POS displays hit the mark once they’ve reached the stores, right? Wrong! 3D store design software enables you to try out different versions of your display in a virtual store environment. You can even have a focus group interact with the display just like they would in the store, and see how your POS displays compare next to the competition’s.


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