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March 6, 2018

How to choose the right CAD tool

As a packaging or display designer your sole ambition is to come up with stunning designs the fastest and at the lowest cost possible. We’ll show you some nifty features any structural designer should consider when choosing a CAD editor.

Turnaround time is critical

First and foremost you’ll want to work fast, right? Look for software that focusses on your creativity and does all of the parametric calculations for you. The CAD editor should be so easy to use that you come up with the most challenging designs in just a few mouse clicks.

Smart standards

Secondly, some kind of a library where you can open rebuildable design templates will give you a head start. Bonus points for software that’s also able to save your own custom made designs to a corporate library!

Joint forces

Obviously your structural design software should be able to import and export a variety of 2D file formats from as many other graphic programs as possible. But if your CAD editor supports several 3D formats as well, you really strike gold. The only limit now is your imagination!

3D samples that knock your socks off

Finally, you’ll want to reduce costs at every stage of the design. So look at CAD editors that allow for 3D prototyping. It’s way faster and more cost-efficient than any physical sample. Packaging folding animations, display assembly videos, photo-realistic artwork and floor shadows would add a nice high-end touch to the samples.

And, as you obtain faster customer approval, your 3D mock-ups pave the way to faster time-to-market. Your customer is very grateful and trusts you with his next packaging project!

Number 1 in the game

For all of the above reasons – and many more, Esko’s ArtiosCAD is the world’s preferred CAD editor for structural design of packaging and displays.

Here’s why structural designers choose to work with ArtiosCAD: