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cardboard pop display
July 17, 2018

Why corrugated is the POP display material par excellence

Despite having virtually any cutting-edge substrate at their disposal these days, POP display designers still have a thing for good old-fashioned corrugated fiberboard. The reason is multifold – and it’s got nothing to do with nostalgia. Read on to discover the most important benefits of using corrugated as a POP display material today!

1.     Corrugated is a designer’s best friend

When it comes to POP display designs, few materials (if any) are as versatile as corrugated fiberboard. Provided you have the right cutting table to deliver that perfect contour, you can make corrugated board look like, well, anything you want! You can go all out and design a POP display in the shape of race car, a throne fit for a king, a giant Easter egg, … or opt for the easy way out – no worries, we’ll never tell! – and simply pick one of the many ready-to-be-customized POP display designs available in the Artios CAD Display Store.

2.     It’s durable and green

Next to being 100 percent recyclable (manufacturers are even increasingly printing corrugated POP displays with eco-friendly, plant-based inks), corrugated displays can support significant amounts of weight. Worried about your display collapsing? Just leave it to ArtiosCAD to fine-tune your design to the capacities of the substrate.

3.     A corrugated POP display is cost-effective

Corrugated fiberboard is without doubt one of the most cost-effective substrates out there, both in terms of manufacturing and shipping. A cleverly designed, corrugated display can be easily transported in sections and assembled on-site by the retailers.

Easy assembly

Tip: Providing assembly instructions – or even an animated instruction movie with ArtiosCAD – will not only save your clients time and trouble, it will also ensure that your POP displays are presented to the public in all their intended glory!

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