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best POP display design for snacks
August 14, 2018

How to design the best POP displays for snacks? Collaborate! 

A quick pick-me-up from the vending machine just to make it until lunch time, something yummy for the ride home, that packet of sweets that keeps calling your name while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, … If anyone profits from impulsive buying behavior, it’s the snack food industry. However, the retail landscape is changing. With more and more shoppers purchasing their food online, physical stores have to pull out all the stops to give their snack sales the extra boost. Enter the POP display! Read on to discover our design tips.

Adjacency strategy

Holidays and other promotional periods are golden times for POP display designers to feast their eyes on some of the most impressive graphics, amazing shapes and innovative materials the industry has to offer. The best POP display recipe, however, involves one very subtle ingredient: collaboration between brands. Have a look around any retail store and you’ll surely notice dipping sauces conveniently placed in the middle of the potato chips aisle, a POP display stocked with ice cream cones standing in the middle of the frozen food section, and so on. That’s because adjacency has proven to be one of the most effective retail strategies today.

Hey, let’s share a POP display!

best POP display design for snacks

The type of adjacency strategy mentioned above, however, requires brands to make special arrangements with retailers who don’t always follow suit. Consequently, more and more brands are reaching out to companies who sell products complementary to theirs, ultimately joining forces to create one POP display that holds both their products. Or, if sharing a POP display is out of the question, they create separate POP displays with a uniform look and shared slogan or CTA.

Tip: don’t forget to read all about the golden rule of three before you start designing.

Cost-effective snack towers

Multiple parties collaborating on graphics can become a pricy affair, so keeping the POP display as simple as possible may be necessary in terms of cost-effectiveness. As snacks tend to come in retail-ready boxes, you can easily adapt the boxes so that they become stackable, forming a snack tower. Or you can simply have your pick from any POP display template in the ArtiosCAD Display Store and take things from there. Have fun designing and customizing!

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