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end cap displays best practices
November 16, 2017

End cap displays: 3 best practices for creating the magic

One of the most popular – and effective – type of POP displays, end caps are an ideal means for both displaying products and boosting sales. The best end cap displays consist of three parts – the banner, the core and the stock – but that’s not all you need to know to make sure your end cap display design will be a success. How to create the end cap magic? Read up on these three best practices!

1.    Include a banner with a value proposition

The banner of an end cap display is what you might call a prelude. Introducing the product and capturing the consumer’s attention, a successful end cap display banner establishes the theme of display by featuring a clear value proposition. What makes your end-of-aisle display so interesting for the consumer? Is it a special promotion? A limited-time offer? Has their favorite potato chip brand launched a new flavor? Also, remember to keep the call-to-action short but sweet!

2.    Make the core an interactive showstopper

The core is where the real action happens – or should happen. Whichever product you’re promoting, don’t cram too much of it in this center area. To maximize the show-stopping effect, make sure you create room for smaller items in the front and keep the bigger ones in the back. And whatever you do, aim for an interactive display. For example, keep electronic products plugged in so consumers can try them out. Are you promoting a food or drink? Offer free samples!

3.    End cap displays: stock it like it’s hot!

A well-functioning end cap display has to be continuously restocked, so make sure the bottom section has plenty of room for extra product. However, make sure the area will remain looking tidy at all times and doesn’t pull the attention away from the banner and the core.


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