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Milka point of purchase display
March 24, 2017

Impressive point of purchase displays

The opportunity to put a display stand in a store can have a huge impact on the sale of the advertised product. Especially new products need the attention to get an early boost in sales to avoid getting scrapped. It’s no wonder a lot of structural designers try to literally defy gravity to make sure their point of purchase display stands out.

Display stands by Milka

A company that knows how to use the possibilities of display stands to their fullest potential is Milka. The chocolate brand, which is part of Kraft Foods, has created some very creative displays over the years.

A display stand with the shape of a cow head coming out of the front might be one of their most inspired ideas yet. By adding the head, the display is sure to get customers’ attention. At the same time it’s still in line with the corporate identity as the Milka cow is the brand’s mascot and features in most of its commercials.

An essential part of every point of purchase display is room for products. This example doesn’t lack in that department and even expands upon the traditional means with baskets at the bottom.

Clean and simple point of purchase displays by Maggi

display stand MaggiNot every display stand has to be this creative when it comes to shapes though. It’s usually a good idea to stick with a standard shape as a lot of stores will only provide limited room for your point of purchase diplays. That’s the main reason why one of our favorite examples keeps it simple.

Maggi is a Nestlé brand that sells instant soups, bouillon cubes, stocks and various other products for fast and delicious cuisine. They use their brand’s eye-grabbing colors to attract attention with their pop display instead of using overly complex shapes.

The graphics on the display clearly show it’s a new product designated to cook chicken. The text sums up the advantages of using the new roasting bags. Finally the products are part of the design so customers can add them to their shopping cart. It’s a simple, yet clear pop display that follows the rules of the AIDA model.

Apart from being sure stores will have ample space for your displays, displays that use standard shapes have an added advantage. Proper structural design software have templates that are structurally sound and can be efficiently adapted to your own needs reducing the risk of errors and at the same time saving a lot of time and effort!