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Interactive POP display
September 20, 2017

Interactive POP displays delight the consumer’s senses

Great POP displays always have great visuals. The very best POP displays, however, offer the consumer more than meets the eye. Literally! They’re interactive and experiential, delighting as many of the consumer’s senses as they possibly can. Can’t wait to make your next POP display interactive? Find out all you need to know!

The wonders of embodied cognition

The true power of POP displays lies in their physical presence. Contrary to online advertisements and TV commercials, POP displays are tangible and in some cases can even be heard and smelled. Sure, print ads are tangible too, and TV commercials tend to have sound as well. But they don’t provide marketers with the ability to combine visuals, touch, sound and even scent all in one. Display designers who manage to do so take full advantage of a phenomenon called embodied cognition: The more senses an object triggers at the same time, the stronger it is encoded in the brain.

  • Interactive POP displays make consumers absorb information better and more quickly, and help them to connect with brands and products more intensely.

POP displays that smell of success

Most designers are more than familiar with integrating videos into their POP displays, but scent is relatively new to the scene. While dispensers with push buttons are usually the first thing to spring to mind, you should know that motion sensors or dispensers that operate on a time interval are options as well – and perfect for adding an element of surprise.

Make your interactive POP display design intuitive

POP displays are only as interactive as they are intuitive. In other words, make sure shoppers know exactly what to do with your design. Add arrows that point to the buttons they’re required to push, or use short, direct copy like ‘Squeeze this’, ‘Smell this’, ‘Push this button’, …

Avoid the point-of-no-sale

Need more help designing great displays? Read up on our tips to improve your POP displays and don’t hesitate to explore all the latest Artios CAD has to offer!


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