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How to pick the best pop display material
April 17, 2018

How to pick the best material for your POP display?

POP display designers have numerous materials at their disposal, so how do they determine which material is the best for the POP display they have in mind? There are several factors at play. 

1.     Keep the budget in check

We get it. You want your POP display to be top of the line. A jaw-dropping design, made of the latest innovative plastic that will last a lifetime (but is of course 100 percent recyclable). But you also have to stick to an allocated budget and keep the product’s retail price in mind. There’s little sense in creating an expensive, luxurious acrylic display to boost impulse sales for a product that naturally comes with small profit margins.

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2.    How long will the display have to last?

An important question to ask. Temporary POP displays are usually designed to last no more than a couple of months, making corrugated cardboard, which is inexpensive and can easily be recycled, the logical choice. Permanent displays have to last from three months to a couple of years, and can therefore do with a higher quality material like metal, polystyrene plastic, glass, wood …

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3.    ‘Weigh’ the consequences of your POP display material

The last thing you want is for your POP display to crack, bend or fall apart under the weight of the product. It’s wise to invest in a smart software solution like ArtiosCAD, which enables you to first pick your substrate and then design the POP display around that particular substrate’s capacities. No more worries about POP displays collapsing! Just let the software ‘weigh’ all the consequences for you as you go along.

4.    Don’t forget about shipping

If your POP display is going to be shipped to a far-off destination, you definitely want to consider corrugated or another type of rigid material that is break-resistant and dent-proof. However, don’t underestimate the potential of secondary packaging and a great palletization tool.

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