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POP display design for pet products
February 22, 2018

Purrrfect! How to design POP displays for pet products

Consumers do love their pets. A lot. More than willing to buy their four-legged sweethearts nothing but the very best, American consumers alone spent more than 66 billion USD on pet food, toys and accessories last year. But while they’re as loyal to their pets as their pets are to them, consumers aren’t as loyal to brands as they used to be. Today more than ever, designing a POP display for pet products requires careful thought and consideration. Not sure how to make yours stand out and maximize its effectiveness? These tips ought to do the trick!

“Healthy pet food over here!”

POP display design for pet products

Millennial consumers consider their pets family, consciously buying them healthy foods and snacks even when there are plenty of cheaper alternatives available. Are you designing a POP display for one of those healthy pet food brands? Be loud and clear about it! Highlighting words like ‘nutricious’, ‘natural’, ‘premium’ and ‘wholesome’ on your POP display definitely pays, as does making your display interactive.

Make it an emotional affair

POP display design for pet products

Ever wondered why your cat always leaves dead birds on your doorstep instead of just eating them? It’s her way of returning a favor to the person she loves. Similarly, people don’t just buy pet food to keep their furry friends alive. On a subconscious level, they know that feeding time helps to establish an emotional bond with their pets, as does playtime. You can easily use that emotional bond to your advantage by featuring it in your POP display design, e.g. by including an image of a happy cat being fed by its smiling owner, or an endearing picture of children playing with their dog.

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Design your POP display for pet products with ArtiosCAD

 POP display design for pet products

Making a happy, healthy pet the star of your POP display also means having to make sure that sparkle in their eye won’t get lost in production. Play it safe by using ArtiosCAD to create a fully interactive sample of your POP display in 3D, and easily share it with your client.


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