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POS display stands tips
December 14, 2017

Saved by the POS display stand! How to boost last-minute buys

You’re not one to be tempted by the products those cunning retailers sell right near the cash register, you say? That’s a lie and you know it! We’ve all been reeled in by a strategically placed POS display stand at one point or another. But then again, sometimes we just walk right past those counter displays and don’t give them another thought. What is it that makes some POS displays impossible to resist, while others blend into the background? It’s a combination of the following factors.

1.     Success comes at a low price

Here’s a question. Do you think customers are likely to buy a bottle of perfume worth 50 euro on a whim? They’re not. So don’t hesitate to let brand owners know that trying to sell items above 20 euro through POS display stands is simply not worth the effort. Instead, convince them to let you design a counter display for a small, low-priced and preferably seasonal trinket like lip balm, sunglasses, hand umbrellas, …

Design your POS display stands with a few clicks

By the way, designing a POS display has never been easier! You can simply pick a template and customize it in a flash.

2.     Piggybacking or using psychology

POS display stands color psychologyEvidently, color is the key to designing POS displays that really pop. But don’t just pick any old color. In some cases, it’s best to piggyback on brand colors so that consumers instantly recognize the amazing brand they’re dealing with. Other times it’s wise to apply the rules of color psychology to your design.

3.     POS display stands calling it out loud

Finally, never underestimate the power of a good call to action. Which is where the POS display header comes in. Buy one, get one free! Fancy a fizzy drink? Smell this! Make sure to use graphics that establish an emotional connection with the consumer, and don’t forget to read all about the golden rule of three.


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