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POP displays tips for designers
May 23, 2017

Think you got your POP displays down to a T? Make no mistake

Designing and producing a spot-on POP display is not an exact science. Much comes down to listening to what your gut feeling is telling you. Still, it’s best not to skip the following steps if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises and keep your bottom line secure.

Match your POP displays to the price of the product

Making clients happy with your POP display also involves keeping the price tag of your POP display in check. No matter how mouth-dropping your design, it won’t please your client if it makes no economic sense. Stick to the allocated budget, and educate your client on this aspect of the design process if necessary. Not all clients are fully aware of the impact a monster-sized, expensive POP display will have on their profit margins if the product’s retail price is on the lower side.

Create a Bill of Materials (BOM)

Your POP display is going to be made of multiple parts and possibly multiple materials as well. If that is indeed the case, creating a Bill of Materials or ‘BOM’ is vital to keep everyone involved in the project (prepress, project managers, administrative assistants, … as well as your client) in the loop at all times. A BOM lists all parts and print items of your display and mentions all of their important features, including dimensions, weight, colours, amounts, …

  • Did you know? Extracting a Bill of Materials report in ArtiosCAD is easy-breezy.

Get involved in the assembly of your POP displays

What may seem obvious to you as a designer may be puzzling to the people who will be assembling your POP display in the store. Remember that time you set out to assemble that IKEA bookcase all by yourself? Well then. Creating an instruction manual – or even an instruction movie if you use ArtiosCAD – will not only save your client a lot of time and trouble, it also ensures that your POP displays will be presented to the public in all their intended glory.