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best POP display
October 4, 2018

Which type of POP display is the best?

Getting a product to stand out in-store is no easy feat. Fortunately, that’s where POP displays come in. If you’re not quite sure which kind of POP display is the best to take your next campaign to a whole new level, take a look at these proven styles:

1.     End cap displays

Placed right at the end of the aisle and ‘suddenly’ appearing when the consumer turns the corner, end cap displays add an element of surprise to the shopping experience. It is no wonder, then, that the best end cap displays draw a whopping 44 percent of eye fixations, according to shopping  industry association POPAI.

2.     The floor stand or free-standing POP display

This type of POP display is usually the first to spring to mind and a real sales driver to boot. According to POPAI, floor stands attract 34 percent of the average shopper’s eye fixations.

3.     Standees that make eye contact

Speaking of eye fixations, did you know consumers are naturally drawn to graphics that appear to look them straight in the eye? All the more reason to experiment with standees! Just remember to make your standee the right height depending on the target audience.

best POP display

4.      Gondolas and power wing displays

Gondola (in line) displays and power wings (sidekick displays) are popular with retailers and marketers, respectively drawing 12 and 10 percent of the shopper’s gaze.

Test your best POP display in a virtual store

Unfortunately, POPAI didn’t investigate why some types of POP displays work better than others. If you’re a marketer or POP display designer and want to play it safe, we recommend using ArtiosCAD to create a 3D design which you can then have reviewed by a focus group in a virtual store rendered by Studio Store Visualizer.


Inspired by Ravenshoe Packaging