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May 30, 2018

How to move from order to print-ready files in 5 minutes?

French signage specialist, Enseignes et Néons, was growing so fast that automation was the only logical step forward. The business gains for the large format printer are phenomenal!


Victim of its own success

Business was thriving for French signage specialist and large format printer, Enseignes et Néons. As a result of this expansion, the workload had increased to a point it was time to revise the entire production workflow.





Automate prepress tasks, speed up production

Enseignes et Néons considered automation the best way to optimize operations. The company installed Esko’s Automation Engine to save time, reduce waste and cut costs. The entire automated prepress workflow has been a true game changer for Enseignes et Néons. Automating most of the prepress tasks gives the prepress department the opportunity to process more jobs with less human intervention and virtually no mistakes.



From start to finish in 5 minutes

Since the implementation of the prepress workflow automation, Enseignes et Néons notices radical improvements:

  •  production time is 50% faster
  • the number of steps in the workflow is down to 30%
  • the process of a job entering and leaving the system takes approximately 5 minutes

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