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floor decal design
March 22, 2018

How to design and print the best floor decals? 3 tips!

One of the best places to display POP materials is right under our noses – or feet! Ironically enough, floor decals are often overlooked as an advertising medium while in fact they are proven to boost sales and brand awareness simply because people are programmed to mind the floor they’re walking on. The best way to design and print this forgotten yet ever so effective in-store marketing material? Discover our tips for pros.

1.     Make your floor decal design part of the mix

The best thing about floor decals from a designer’s point of view? You can easily tie them to the rest of the retail marketing mix. Think of cute animal tracks leading to a POP display for pet products or trails of spilled food coming from a food sample display, for example.

2.     Pick a scratchproof and slip-resistant substrate

It goes without saying that floor decals must be both scratchproof and safe to walk on. Ideally, they last up to six months even if they’re stuck on pavements or used in other outdoor areas. In any case, a vinyl substrate is your best friend. Make sure a slip-resistant and scratchproof layer is added on top – this is why web varnishing modules are a must-have for POP material printers – and your floor decals will have no problem facing even the heaviest of foot traffic.

3.     Automated nesting is key

Most floor decals have an odd shape that requires an optimized nesting layout to keep the design cost-effective. Automation is key here. Without automated nesting, you’ll not only waste substrate but also risk bottlenecks. Did you know Automation Engine QuickStart for Sign can take care of all that and more? From preflighting designs to preparing graphics, creating layouts and cutting in perfect registration, Automation Engine QuickStart for Sign streamlines the floor decal printing workflow every step of the way.