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design and print step and repeat banner
June 19, 2018

About to design and print a ‘step and repeat banner’? 3 tips!




About to design and print a ‘step and repeat banner’? 3 tips!

Whenever Beyoncé, Emma Stone, Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt and the likes step onto the red carpet, all eyes are on them … and the so-called step and repeat banners they’re standing in front of! The best way to design and print those banners with repeating logos? Follow our tips.

The best step and repeat banners

Step and repeat banners are a great way for brands to stand out at trade shows and red carpet events (and to get featured on social media as well as in plenty of magazines) without breaking the bank. If they’re professionally designed and printed, that is. Discover our guidelines below:

1.     Think big …

Of course, size does matter in this case! The ideal step and repeat banner is at least 240 centimeters (8 feet) tall. The optimal width depends on the size of the location. Anyway, verify where exactly your step and repeat banner will be displayed so you can make sure the edges won’t show in photos.

… but don’t make the logo too large

The size of the repeating logo is something to consider as well. Most of the time, 23-28 centimeters (9-11 inches) wide and 13-18 centimeters (5-7 inches) tall will work nicely.

2.     Beware of the glare

design and print step and repeat banner

In terms of substrate, vinyl is usually the more affordable option. However, don’t forget that flash photography will cause a disturbing glare unless you make sure there’s plenty of white space in between the logos. You can avoid the problem entirely by opting for a banner made of fabric.

3.     That’s a wrap!

Even the slightest scratch or crease can ruin the effect of your banner. Once your step and repeat banner is printed, provide your client with a sturdy case that keeps it from getting damaged and that makes it easy to transport and reuse it.


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