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November 28, 2017

Introducing the Kongsberg C66: the largest digital cutting table for non-stop production

Esko’s new Kongsberg C66 cutting table is the largest digital cutting table for heavy-duty corrugated production in the market today.

Size + speed + precision = win

The Kongsberg C66 combines size, speed and precision on heavy-duty rigid materials such as corrugated cartons.

It’s a flexible and effective alternative to conventional die cutting equipment for short run corrugated productions of packaging and POP displays. Read more about the Kongsberg C series.

What customers say

The first operation to install the Kongsberg C66 is the French printing and packaging specialist Cartonéo.

Mr. Edmond Perrier, Cartonéo’s CEO, comments: “This investment followed our decision to invest in a digital printing press, to cost effectively manufacture large format printed packaging and displays in a variety of run lengths. The new press has enabled us to win several key contracts, which is why we also added the integrated production solution to complete the work to a high standard. With both, we are now very busy and competitive in the market for short run production of display materials.”

Unique in the marketplace

Unique in the marketplace, the Kongsberg C66 can run at 100 m/min.

It can handle either manual multi-zone production of large 2.2m x 3.2m (87in x 126in) sheets or single-zone production of large 2.5m x 4.8m (98in x 189in) corrugated sheets.

This makes it ideally suited for the production of protective packaging with a maximum sheet size of 2.5m x 4.8m, corrugated containers made from HD double-wall or triple-wall corrugated and packaging and POP displays.

The Kongsberg C66 is also capable of processing other materials required in the protective packaging environment, including foam cushioning materials. Read more about the Kongsberg C series.