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cut prepress costs for large format printing
July 21, 2017

Large format printing: how to cut prepress costs the smart way

In the world of large format printing, even the smallest of errors can blow up into a big problem – literally! What may seem like a minor issue or doesn’t even get noticed on screen could ruin entire large format print campaigns. Smart large format print providers know that a reliable prepress process is the backbone of their business. Next to keeping the prepress process running smoothly, though, printers naturally want to make sure their workflow is cost-effective.So, can large format printers cut prepress costs without compromising on quality? Yes, they can. If done right, the quality of their work will even improve.

Savvy printers cut prepress costs by automating

The key to cutting prepress costs while keeping errors at bay is having a proper workflow automation solution like the i-cut Suite in place. It gets rid of all the bottlenecks large format print service providers can encounter in their workflow.

Techvalidate_prepress bottleneck

PDF preflighting for large format printing

Don’t spend precious time and effort manually checking PDF files for errors or figuring out why a file won’t print. Just have the i-cut Suite take care of all the preflighting for you!

One application for all prepress operations

“Yay, another set of software solutions to switch between!”, said no prepress operator ever. Investing in the i-cut Suite means your prepress team can effortlessly add bleed and grommet marks, create cutting paths and take care of nesting and tiling in one single application.

Good to know:

  • You can also have the i-cut Suite add grommet marks and bleed, and create and clean cutting paths automatically. Reduce errors and win time!
  • i-Cut suite customers report to have become up to 75 percent more productive in handling and imposing PDF files.

Saving both time and substrate

An important part of cutting prepress costs is making sure to waste as little substrate as possible. This, too, is covered by the i-cut Suite, which automatically takes care of nesting to create the most cost-efficient layout.

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