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February 13, 2019

This machine is a game changer

Signage manufacturer FastSigns testifies to the outstanding performance of its Esko Kongsberg X24 flatbed cutter. Owner Greg Painter says it’s easily the most versatile digital finishing device on the market.

‘This Esko cutter is gonna rock and roll and make you money’

Greg Painter, the owner of the FastSigns franchise in Montana US, is impressed with his Esko Kongsberg X24 digital cutting table.
In his video, he explains how this investment boosted his signage business.

You load the job, you hit ‘go’, the Kongsberg table cuts it and you’re done. And it’s perfect.
Greg Painter, Owner, FastSigns, US

How did I ever survive without it

Greg’s team did a little test: man vs. machine. The Esko Kongsberg X cutting table did a perfect job in a matter of seconds!

You can make money with this machine

Greg explains that the finishing quality of the Esko Kongsberg X24 is so much better than what you can possibly achieve with a jigsaw and a sander.
He discovered all sorts of new moneymaking opportunities thanks to the Esko Kongsberg X flatbed cutter.