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shop window decal
September 18, 2018

Need to design a shop window decal? Discover the possibilities!

Appealing window signage is a must-have for any shop looking to capture the attention of passers-by. Need to design shop window signage yourself? There are many types of window stickers to choose from, so exploring your options is the best place to start. This article sums up all you need to know about the main types of window decal.

1.     Opaque shop window decals

If you don’t want people outside to see what’s going on inside the store or office you’re designing for, opaque window decals are the way to go. Do note, however, that the graphics for this type of decal should cover the entire surface. Areas that don’t get printed on will end up white. Does your client prefer not to block the view from the inside? Then punctured window decals are a better option.

2.     Punctured window decals

Punctured or perforated window decals have tiny holes to ensure one-way visibility. The holes are small enough not to compromise the graphic design passers-by get to see, yet large enough to allow customers and staff to gaze outside.

3.     See-through window decals

Apart from the areas that get printed, transparent window decals are invisible. They’re the perfect solution for clients who prefer two-way visibility but also want to save themselves the hassle of applying logos or letters piece by piece.

4.     Inside glass decals

shop window decal

The types of window decals mentioned above are usually applied on the exterior. With inside glass decals – also called reverse stickers – it’s the other way around (no pun intended). Although particularly popular because they wear less easily and are less to prone to vandalism, inside glass decals do require extra design considerations because they tend to be more affected by glare compared to other types of window decals.

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