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Kongsberg cutting table
October 13, 2017

Why sign makers prefer Kongsberg cutting tables

Getting signs finished on time and with that perfect contour cut requires a great workflow and ditto cutting table. Which is why you’re currently in the market for a cutting table with all the works, and preferably some cool extras to boot – are we right? Sure, we could tell you lots about our Kongsberg cutting tables to win you over. Then again, we figured: who better suited to tell you all about the benefits of Kongsberg cutting tables than the people who actual own one? We asked our sign making customers what made them opt for a Kongsberg, and they all shared the following reasons:

Kongsberg cutting table

1.     A Kongsberg cutting table can cut signs out of almost any material

The ability to handle a wide range of substrates is what 77 percent of our Kongsberg customers love most about their cutting tables. They’re also pleased with the fact that their Kongsberg cutting table can easily be upgraded as their business grows, because adding new tools and applications to increase capacity and perhaps even enter a new market segment is a breeze.

2.     Kongsberg cutting tables are robust

Kongsberg cutting tables are made to last. 49 percent of our sign making customers named the robustness of the table as the top reason for adding a Kongsberg to their fleet. The rack-and-pinion drive system of a Kongsberg table provides speed, durability and the brutal power required to drive through dense, thick materials over and over again.

3.     The finishing quality is unmatched

39 percent of our customers opted for a Kongsberg digital finishing table because they knew it was going to provide them with stunning results, time and time again, thanks to the array of dedicated Kongsberg tools for all applications, including sign making.

4.     A Kongsberg cutting table can be fully integrated

Finally, 31 percent prefers Kongsberg cutting tables because they can streamline their entire workflow, not just the cutting part. Esko offers software and hardware solutions signmaking companies need to rid themselves of waste and increase productivity on their shopfloor – from the design department to shipping.

So, which Kongsberg table will make the cut?

Can’t wait to start using your new cutting table? Find out which Kongsberg cutting table fits you and

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