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best fonts for signage design
July 19, 2018

Signage design: stop consumers in their tracks with trendy fonts!

When it comes signage, never underestimate the power of a well-chosen font. Without it, passers-by will have a hard time deciphering the message your sign is trying to convey – let alone remember it – or they may not even notice your sign at all. The key to picking the perfect font for signage? Striking the right balance between trendiness and simplicity. This article lines up four typeface trends you can easily adopt to create signage that is both eye-catching and legible. May the fonts be with you!

1.     High-contrast sans-serif fonts

Forget Didot typefaces and ultra-thin lines. In 2018, fonts are all about high contrast. As sans serif is proven to be the best kind of font for signage, implementing this trend means using a sans serif font with an unequally divided stroke weight. Remember Optima Sans Serif? There you go!

2.     Space, the final frontier for signage design

Every seasoned designer knows that negative space is a good thing. Increasing the space between letters, however, can be tricky – especially when it comes to wayfinding signage. While it can drastically improve legibility, it can just as well do the exact opposite. One thing’s for sure, though: increased space between letters has the potential to be a real eye-stopper, so you have every reason to experiment.

3.     Sleek yet curvy typefaces

Frilly fonts are a big no-no for signage, but that doesn’t mean retro curvy letters – which are bang on trend as we speak – are out of the question. The trick is to keep things as geometrical as possible, which means steering clear from cursive and handwritten typefaces.

4.     It’s a colorful world

Graphic designers are increasingly experimenting with colorful fonts to add another dimension to their signage designs. Gradients especially have been a popular feature for backgrounds for a while now, so it makes sense the trend is moving into lettering as well – with stunning results. Just look at the Instagram logo! As long as you preserve enough contrast between the message and the backdrop, you can never go wrong with a splash of color to liven things up.

Inspired by Elegant Themes, The Dieline & Creative Bloq