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October 13, 2017

Uninterrupted production with motorized roll feeder

The brand new Kongsberg Automate motorized roll feeder increases productivity on the Kongsberg C60 and 64 cutting tables. It dramatically reduces operator time for production of wide-format, flexible materials

The roll feeder ensures consistent feeding of material onto the table’s conveyor belt, even if the roll is imperfectly rewound after printing.

Vital for uninterrupted production

With capacity for large, heavy rolls and handling mechanisms for challenging substrates, the motorized roll feeder is vital to achieve uninterrupted production with high quality output.

  • Edge-sensing mechanism ensures consistently straight feeding onto the table
  • Dancer loop with adjustable tension, which ensures that the material is loaded without stretch and wrinkling
  • High load capacity: up to 300kg / 470mm roll diameter
  • Moves on wheels and docks to the table with powerful magnets
  • Supports clockwise and counter-clockwise winding and manual rewind
  • Easy to install and operate

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