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when to replace POP display
December 13, 2018

What’s the best time to replace a POP display?

Brands who want to stand out from their competitors in brick and mortar shops know that there’s no showstopper like a good old POP display. The best POP displays, however, are displays that catch the consumer off guard. That’s why, to avoid losing the element of surprise, most merchandisers move their displays around the store so that they continue to ‘pop up’ when the consumer least expects it. Still, there’s only so much moving around merchandisers can do. Which brings us to the following question: what is the best time to replace a POP display? Read all about it here!

The time of the season

pop display design

Stagnating or dropping sales aside, the best time to replace a POP display is simply whenever there’s a change of season. POP displays, after all, are a great means to help products piggyback on the success of other, related products by showing them off at the same time. A typical summer display, for instance, carries sunglasses, sun block, beach towels, insect repellent, … while a winter display may focus on candles, blankets, fuzzy slippers, … Naturally, after-season sales may call for a change of POP display as well.

Replace your POP display in a virtual store first

Not quite sure what kind of POP display design you’re going for or how your display will end up looking in real life standing next to the competition? Then why not just visualize it in-store? Many display designers use ArtiosCAD to render 3D designs which brand owners can then subject to focus groups in a virtual store environment rendered by Studio Store Visualizer. Check it out now!

Tip: create an instruction manual – or even an instruction movie if you use ArtiosCAD – to ensure retailers will present your POP displays to the public in all their intended glory.

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