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Making digital packaging management accessible to all

Making digital packaging management accessible to all

By Chris Rogers, Solutions Marketing Manager, Esko. In this article Esko Solution Marketing Manager, Chris Rogers looks at digital packaging management solutions for folding carton and corrugated packaging converters and, more specifically, about how packaging management systems are now accessible to companies of all sizes and not just the preserve of the bigger organizations.   […]

WebCenter QuickStart for Corrugated

Shorten lead times: Digital transformation in packaging production

By Chris Rogers, Solutions Marketing Manager, Esko. This article discusses how the digital transformation of processes at converters improves design efficiency and shortens lead times. Updating packaging to incorporate new marketing, design, and regulatory information is a constant.   But, how long does it really take to update packaging ? Through our own market research, […]

Air Wick POP Display

How to make your brand pop? With a POP display!

There is nothing like a POP display to make your brand stand out in a store aisle. Needless to say, a lot goes into creating a fantastic POP display design that catches the consumer’s eye and convinces them to add the product to their shopping cart. However, these five tried-and-tested tips will help any packaging […]

POP Displays

How to encourage impulse purchases with POP displays

The shopping list is dead. Long live impulse buying! Did you know that about 80 percent of consumers make their purchase decisions on the spot? Unsurprisingly, POP displays are at an all-time high. Short for ‘point of purchase display’, a POP display is the ideal method to catch the shoppers’ attention and persuade them to […]